Every UFC fighter takes a different approach to sex in the weeks leading up to a big fight. Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor both like to have as much sex as they possibly can, but other fights prefer to abstain from sleeping with anyone so that they can save up their strength for when they get into the Octagon.

Jon Jones seems to subscribe to that second theory when it comes to preparing for a fight. During the latest episode of UFC 197 Embedded, Jones showed off his New Mexico home and, more specifically, showed off the room that he sleeps in. And in doing so, he revealed that he doesn’t sleep with his wife during the month leading up to a fight.

“This is where I have been living for the last, about, month,” he said. “I tend not to sleep with my wife leading up to a fight. I like to be as Spartan as possible.”

You can hear Jones talk about his pre-fight preparations at around the 6-minute mark of the clip above. Jones is gearing up to fight Ovince St. Preux at UFC 197.

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