It’s kind of weird to see Johnny Manziel walking around in Los Angeles when it’s light out, isn’t it? The paparazzi has followed Johnny Football’s every move this NFL offseason, so we’ve seen him walking into and out of just about every club in L.A. But yesterday, a paparazzo caught him walking out of the Saint Laurent the middle of the day!

As he made his way to his car, Manziel—who hung out with Justin Bieber over the weekend— talked about the pop singer’s new dreadlocks (“I like them”), whether or not he would ever get dreadlocks (“Nah, not me”), and what it was like to party with Biebs (“He popped up out of nowhere the other night, and we had a good time”).

Manziel also talked about the night life in L.A.

“There’s plenty of stuff to get into out here,” he said. “I’m enjoying the great weather. I’m enjoying everything.”

Obviously. Still no word on where Manziel will play next season (or if he'll even play, seeing as how he's not signed to a team right now), but maybe this is his way of gently nudging the Rams to give him a look? Check out the clip above to see what Manziel looks like when the sun’s out.

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