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If we had to guess, Jay Z is probably going to show up at either the Lakers game or the Warriors game tonight. But earlier today, he stopped by the Buccaneers training facility in Tampa, Fla. to meet with Jameis Winston:

While he was there, he received a customized “Young Hov” jersey…

…and talked some trash to Winston. He told the Tampa Bay quarterback that he’s going to take his job.

"They told you I’m coming for your job, right?” Jay Z said to Winston. “They told you that yesterday? They told me I got the spiral, the whole thing. What’s good?”

Winston responded by challenging Jay Z to step outside with him.

“If you want to go out there and throw the football, we can go ahead and do that,” he said.

But Jay Z said, “No, thank you,” because, well…

And instead of squaring off on the football field, the two ended their brief meeting by exchanging pleasantries.

“It’s an honor to meet you,” Winston said.

“You, too, man,” Jay Z said. “Keep doing your thing.”

You can watch it all go down here.

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