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Is it about to go down in Jared Goff’s DMs?!

Eh, probably not. Taylor Swift is, to the best of our knowledge, spoken for right now. So we don’t see her sending the Cal quarterback a DM anytime soon. But during a recent interview with ESPN's Jon Gruden, the NFL Draft prospect revealed that he’s a big T-Swift fan.

“It’s like a guilty-pleasure thing,” he said. “Taylor Swift is cool. And I like her music. She’s a great performer, and she’s fun to listen to at times.”

He also went on to reveal that his favorite Swift song is “Bad Blood.”

“But I’m going to have to get a little manly and say the version with Kendrick Lamar,” he said.

And towards the end of the interview, he essentially invited Swift to jump headfirst into his DMs if she ever finds out that he’s a fan.

“Maybe I’ll get a direct message from Taylor after all of this comes out,” he said.

Maybe. But probably not. After all, you’re not exactly the first athlete to stan for Swift, you know?

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[via Sporting News]