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As the Clippers have fruitlessly searched for a productive small forward for what feels like a decade, Jamal Crawford’s name has frequently come up in trade rumors. Because LAC won’t give up CP3, Blake Griffin, or DeAndre Jordan, Crawford would be the Clippers’ biggest trade asset.

There are many reasons the Clippers have held onto Crawford, though: in addition to being one of the league’s greatest “heat check” players, Crawford is known as one of the best closers in the NBA. He lived up to that reputation Friday night, hitting a cold-blooded three in overtime to lead the Clippers over the Jazz.

With the score tied at 99, Crawford drew a mismatch with the taller, slower Derrick Favors. Crawford isolated Favors, who played several steps back out of respect for J-Crossover’s quickness. That provided just enough room for Crawford to drill a three with 0.2 seconds left, sealing the win.

Crawford finished with 30 points on 9-for-20 shooting from the field.

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