Boredom is bliss when you're home with NBA 2K16 spinning in your console. Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes apparently knows these type of moments all too well. So to spice up his boring life playing for the NBA's best team, he tweeted out to DubNation followers and asked who wanted to test his skills in the video game. To enter "The HB Challenge," all they had to do was show up at his front doorstep.

The people who answered the house call were Blake Anderson of the Comedy Central series Workaholics, beloved Warriors superfan Gold Suit Man, pro-gamer Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis, and Instagram-famous geriatric Baddie Winkle.

Each of the contenders selected who else the Warriors as their team, while Barnes picked other NBA teams because picking your own team is just simply unfair.

Winkle, an 87-year old woman, didn't even have a clue about how to play the game, and unsurprisingly, how to use the joystick to control her team's movement towards their hoop. At one point, she complains in her quivering elderly voice after getting immediately dunked on twice to start the game, "These guy are killing me." She even throws in the quintessential Drake line a minute later, "Steph Curry with the shot boyyyy." But Barnes mercilessly shut her out 21-0. Maybe she can get some more practice here for a rematch sometime soon. 

That, of course, leaves behind Anderson and Gold Suit Man. See which of these guys one ousted Harrison. Also, peep the myriad of odd knee-jerk reactions and hilarious spasms these people do when playing the game, along with typical complaining about bad controllers they're using while losing.

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[via SlamOnline]