Even though it’s certainly not the most popular sport in the country, hockey is fun to watch. Especially during the NHL Playoffs. And last night, Twitter user @soIoucity discovered that when he accidentally turned on the Blackhawks/Blues game while looking for the St. Louis Cardinals game:

Lit? Indeed. And it was enough to hold @soIoucity's attention for the rest of the game, which the Blues eventually won 3-2 to advance to the next round. It doesn’t look like @soIoucity had any experience watching hockey, so he was confused for most of the game. But that led to a string of hilarious tweets that he sent out as he fell more and more in love with it:

Pretty funny. And it got even better—or more LIT?—for @soIoucity today when the Blues found out about his tweets and responded to them by offering him tickets to their next home game against the Stars:

@soIoucity obviously accepted their offer:

And as of right now, it sounds like he’s got people coming at him from all angles as a result of all the attention he has received today:

See how amazing hockey is? Now make sure you tune in for a game (or two) during the playoffs! You probably won’t be this mesmerized by it, but we promise it won’t kill you to turn your eyes away from basketball for a few minutes.

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[via SB Nation]