A few nights ago Gabrielle Union was annoyed by the officiating in the Heat-Hornets series, but was able to stop herself short of outright killing them on Twitter. Last night, after Miami's third straight loss puts them on the brink of playoff extinction, she wasn't quite as composed. Her flurry of tweets (15+) came after a no-call denied her husband from getting to the free-throw line. The two shots he could've sunk would've been nice (for the Heat, anyway) seeing as how Charlotte won the game 90-88.

For those who don't want to Google the play to see what the hell I'm talking about, here it is:

That in turn led to these, see if you can pick up a theme here:

She also pointed out that #FineEm can't be flipped around on her:

Seems like a nice little loophole. 

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[via @itsgabrielleu, Larry Brown Sports]