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Enzo Amore and his wrestling partner Big Cass literally just got called up from NXT to the WWE on Monday night for Raw, but they’re already starting to make some noise on the big stage. They started a feud with the Dudley Boyz during their first show in Dallas, and it appears as though they’re going to enjoy a nice run in the WWE in the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years. They’re also making some headlines right now thanks to a pretty funny story that Enzo just told during an appearance on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast.

On the podcast, Enzo talked about how he used to work for a moving company that specialized in moving pianos before becoming a pro wrestler. He discussed why he enjoyed doing it:

Here’s where I’m going to lay it out for you. This is the best part about moving a piano, OK? When you walk into the richest person’s house on the block and they got a piano, suddenly, when you show up at the door, they’re powerless. Where the hell do you want that thing? Because I’m picking it up once, and where I put it down is where it’s staying. Then, all of a sudden, they look at you like, ‘Who is this guy talking to me?’ Well, I’m the guy that came to move your friggin' piano. What kind of person did you think you hired?

After explaining the benefits of the job, Stone Cold asked Enzo if he had ever had any accidents while moving a piano. And he came through with a story about the time he was part of a group of movers that was put in charge of moving a piano for Alicia Keys. The piano was made out of glass and was being moved for a concert, and, well, let’s just say that it didn’t end well for the piano. Here’s what Enzo remembers about it:

We used to move pianos in New York City, and one time, it was like eight guys on a piano, and it was made of glass. We were moving it for Alicia Keys. She was performing a concert. They were going up like 70 steps. We got this one guy underneath that’s got it on his shoulder. I’m looking at this situation, and I’m playing it smart. I got a future here. I don’t know about some of these guys I work with. I got my hands on the side, but all of a sudden, I saw homie’s knees just start wobbling out on him. I just got out of dodge. This thing went down like 70 steps and ended up crooked at the bottom. A few people were rattled. It caused a big scene. I just went outside and had a cigarette. [Laughs] That was something I was glad to be a part of, because it ain’t my piano and I’m still getting paid by the hour.

Damn. You can go here to listen to the podcast.

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