If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch James Harden hit his game-winning shot against the Warriors last night here:

You can also watch Dwight Howard’s reaction to it here:

Doesn’t Howard look…disappointed? Kind of. But he also looks like a guy who doesn’t want to act too happy when he knows that the Warriors still have a shot to win the game.

But despite that rationale, there were plenty of people out there who took shots at Howard for not looking more excited after witnessing Harden’s shot. They criticized him for not cheering for his teammate and even insinuated that he may have secretly wanted the Rockets to lose last night. Because, you know, NBA offseason > NBA Playoffs, right? Riiiiight.

Anyway, Howard was asked about his reaction to Harden’s shot today, and he didn’t pulled any punches. He started off by trying to explain himself, but then he said that he had just two words for his critics: “Shut up.” Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan Feigen was at Houston’s practice and documented what Howard had to say:

This won’t win Howard many, er, any new fans. But good for him.

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