With the Warriors set to take on the Rockets in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series tonight—and Steph Curry still questionable for the game with an injured ankle—Draymond Green & Co. should be worried about bigger things than YouTube videos created by Houston fans. But over the weekend, the Rockets fan site clutchfans.net put together a video in an attempt to show that Green sets too many illegal screens to get his teammates Curry and Klay Thompson open looks. The video looked like this:

This afternoon, Green was asked to respond to it, and he did…by saying that he doesn’t understand what the big deal is. He admitted that he hasn’t seen the video above, but he said that he thinks fans and opposing players (James Harden insinuated that the Warriors set moving screens during an interview yesterday) need to stop whining when it comes to the Warriors’ style of basketball.

“I don’t think I set illegal screens,” Green said. “I think I set screens like anybody else. My guys get open shots because they’ve got two of the quickest releases in the NBA. Everybody else in the NBA set the same screens we set. They just don’t got the shooters we got. It ain’t my fault. Like, I can’t shoot like Klay and Steph, either. Am I supposed to cry about it? Nah, you do what you can do. Ain’t our fault they can’t get their shot off as quick as Klay and Steph can. So big deal. Go find someone who can shoot that quick.”

Whoa. You can watch Green respond here:

Thompson also had this to say:

OK then. Tonight's game should be fun as a result of all of this.

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