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Very early yesterday morning, Draymond Green revealed that he was going to give away three tickets to tonight’s historic Warriors game against the Grizzlies:

And he followed through on his promise. After giving it some thought, Green decided to work with several schools in the Bay Area to give the tickets to students with good grades and back stories that are deserving of some of the hottest tickets in town. Those students are:

The Warriors also released short bios for the three students to help explain why each of them was chosen:

  • Joseph, who was born in Liberia and grew up in a refugee camp along the Ivory Coast, is an honor roll and point guard at his school's basketball team. He is one of eight siblings. He has a 3.2 GPA.
  • Dyllon moved to West Oakland after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans left his family homeless and his mother very ill. She sent him to live with his godfather and instilled in him the drive to get good grades. He now has a 3.73 GPA.
  • Travon was raised in a single-family household and struggled at a mainstream high school, but is turning things around at the academy where he plans to graduate.

After seeing this, how can you not root for the Warriors to break the Bulls’ 72-win record tonight?

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[via NBC Los Angeles]