As expected, Conor McGregor was not in attendance for today's UFC 200 press conference in Las Vegas. Nate Diaz, his originally slated opponent, however, did attend.

Diaz shocked the UFC world when he fought back from some violent shots to defeat the heavily favored McGregor at UFC 196; UFC 200 was supposed to be their rematch. However, McGregor pushed back against the UFC's mandated media obligations (for a minute we thought he was retiring, but then he announced he wasn't), and as a result he has dropped from the fight. He thinks it's unfair that the UFC makes so much money off him yet requires him to attend so many press functions leading up to fight night, and he's made it clear he would rather focus on training.

At today's news conference, one reporter brought up the following tweet McGregor fired off.

Diaz responded with a prolonged silence, and after thinking about it for a minute, he simply said: "Conor got his ass beat." It was a response that indicated Diaz is tired of McGregor acting like he is bigger than the UFC, especially considering McGregor lost his last fight. 

The last news conference featuring these two was unforgettable. It's unclear when McGregor will fight again, and who he will fight against, but we can only hope to see another Diaz-McGregor classic in the near future. Make it happen, UFC.

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