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About a month-and-a-half ago, Dada 5000 (real name Dhafir Harris) and Kimbo Slice fought a match at Bellator 149 with no chance of going down in the annals of MMA history. It truly sucked. Though there's a good reason for that since Harris was TKO'd in the 3rd round by heart failure, which was attributed to the 40 lbs. of weight he had to cut prior to the bout. The performance was laughed at in all corners of the internet, which was pretty much the least of Harris' problems.

He was subsequently hospitalized for over three weeks.

Yesterday Harris claimed that he suffered two heart attacks and kidney failure in the ring and didn't almost die, but actually did. He posted a message stating as much on his Instagram account, and then quickly deleted it.

However somebody screencapped it first:

[via @MMALatestNws]