Bills running back LeSean McCoy will not be prosecuted for a fight with off-duty police at a Philadelphia nightclub that took place during the wee hours of the morning on Super Bowl Sunday. The decision to not press charges, which is a result of a "lack of evidence," will formerly be announced later today.

Even though legal charges were dropped against the Buffalo ball carrier, the NFL will still conduct their own investigation into the February 7 incident and decide whether or not to bring the often-criticized Goodell hammer of justice down upon the 2015 Pro Bowler.

Today's news comes in spite of the fact that the city's mayor previously said the ex-Eagle "needs to pay the price" for his actions.

In case you forgot, McCoy and former running back Curtis Brinkley were part of a group that was caught on camera throwing down with a trio of off-duty cops, two of whom had to be treated for their injuries. 

The parties allegedly fought after a dispute over a stupid bottle of champagne.

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