West Indies fast-bowler Tino Best has made the bold claim that he “slept with 500-650” women while touring with the West Indies from 2003 to 2014. Now 34, Best's 11-year career saw him play 25 tests, 26 ODIs and 6 T20s – interestingly however, STIs contracted were not a stat that they seem to have kept track of during his illustrious run.

Best is releasing his autobiography, Mind The Windows, and an extract from the book revealed in Daily Mail has the cricketer talking a pretty big game about his prowess with the fairer sex. The cricketer claims that after he split with his baby’s mama, he naturally decided to go straight up H.A.M in the boudoir.

“Put it this way: I became a man whore," Best said. "If I liked a girl, I'd go and talk to them - whoever it was. If I'd seen Beyonce and she was single, I'd have gone and introduced myself: 'Hello, my name's Tino. What's yours?' No girl intimidated me."

Further choice quotes from the lothario include:

  • “I reckon I’m the best-looking bald-headed guy in the world. I joke about being the black Brad Pitt!”
  • “We used to go on tour with the West Indies — and away with Barbados — and see how many girls we could enjoy.”
  • “Sometimes I’d take back four girls on one night! If that happened, I’d have to call one of the other lads for back-up to help me out.”

His record for getting the most cut up on a tour, of course, was more than forty women on an eleven-week trip to Australia in 2005. He has a self-professed fetish for Australian women as well, and added he'd make sure to fit a ménage a trois or three in there to make up the numbers.

Best however made sure to clarify that this never hurt his performance on the field. “If I bring two girls back and have sex with them, I'll still be out there first in the morning working hard,” he said, confirming his status as a true patriot and hero for his country. Whether any of this is actually true remains to be seen, but it seems like Best is going to be sticking to this story for the time being.

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