Of course, the second McGregor signs a WWE contract, we all know what match will be on everyone’s mind: Conor McGregor vs. Brock Lesnar. That’s the type of match that gets you on all of the mainstream sports sites, and the type of match that could expand WWE into the UFC audience. The only reason McGregor should go into WWE and through all of the training and above feuds is to prepare him to main event WrestleMania with Lesnar. Sure, everyone would act mad that two part-timers are main eventing blah blah blah. If ever there was a time to swallow your smark pride and enjoy the ride, it’s this. 

I mean, my God; McGregor going up against Paul Heyman in promos leading up to the match?! The real fight feel from the entrances at Mania? The fact that Vince would be able to do something that Dana White could logistically never do (put together two of the biggest stars in UFC history in the same bout)? This is the logical finish to the McGregor hype train, and goddamnit, we need him in WWE just for this. So, while this current retirement was short-lived,  I say screw it; pony up all of our WWE Network subscription fees and back the money truck into McGregor’s driveway. We need The Notorious One in the squared circle ASAP.