Luckily for everyone involved, McGregor actually has built the base for an initial debut WWE feud: Back in 2014, the Notorious One had a mini Twitter spat with the Celtic Warrior Sheamus, “ending” with McGregor laying down a tag team challenge to the former WWE champ

While we don’t think that’s the right move for a first bout, getting into the squared circle with his Irish counterpart would do wonders for McGregor. First off, few people in WWE sell stiff shots quite like Sheamus (the fact that his pale body shows every bruise is a positive), which would allow McGregor to maybe go a bit harder with his punches than normal wrestlers would. Second, Sheamus is so reviled by WWE fans that even those that would be against the idea of McGregor joining WWE (and you know there would be some) would still root for the newcomer to destroy Reverse Beaker. Plus, it gives Sheamus something important to do, which he desperately needs.