Early this basketball season, Dwyane Wade's teenage son Zaire got advice from Wade family friend Kobe Bryant to stop being bashful on the court and shoot more. No shock there from Kobe. Then in late January, the 14 year-old sent a few awesome motivational texts coaching his dad through his slump before playing the Nets about how attacking the hole opens up his 15-foot range jumper, and to stop playing tentative.

It seems like Zaire has been taking Kobe's his own advice pretty well. The future "Flash," or Z-Wade, is a lefty who can light it up from behind the arc, can split defenders in the open court like he's dribbling around chairs to hone his handle, and has great court vision to dish off some ill dimes to his teammates in the lane when penetrating. Here's the footage below to prove it:


He doesn't have the hops like his old man yet, but I'm sure he's genetically blessed with D-Wade's 24 chromosomes that will enable him to get up and bang soon. In the meantime, keep doing those sit-ups and calf raises everyday, youngin. You'll get there.

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[via Fox Sports]