When Carmelo Anthony was 15 or 16 years old, he decided that he wanted to get the Ravens logo tattooed on his right forearm. He didn’t think his mom would go for it, though, so he got the tattoo done—and then proceeded to keep it covered up every time she was around. But as you’d probably guess, that plan didn’t work for very long since Carmelo played a sport that required him to wear a jersey when he took the court.

During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show today, Carmelo talked about how his mom eventually discovered the tattoo that he was hiding. And let’s just say that she wasn’t thrilled when she saw what was on his arm.

“The way she found out was, I had a high school basketball game and it was a big game, too,” he said. “They had my picture in the sports section of the paper, and the shot that I was taking was a layup, and the tattoo is on my right arm. So she saw it, and she tried to rip my arm off. She tried to rip the tattoo off but realized that it was permanent.”

How long did Carmelo think he was going to be able to hide his tattoo?! Check out the clip above to hear him tell the story.

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[via The Dan Patrick Show]