He should be playing baseball. Instead he’s shopping.

It’s Monday afternoon in dreary Manhattan. It’s cold, damp, and raining and the Yankees postponed Opening Day hours earlier because the forecast called exactly for this.

That gave Carlos Correa an unexpected day off and the freedom to do whatever he wanted. So he decided to head downtown to SoHo.  

One of the most exciting players in the majors, all of 21 years old, rolled into the adidas store on Wooster St. unannounced and without an entourage. One of the brand’s newest athletes came to check out the gear and talk a little baseball. The conversation started with one high and tight.

Are you the best shortstop in baseball?

“What do you think? I only got 99 games so it’s premature to say something like that,” says Correa. “But I work every day to be the best.”