Last year Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones had an opportunity to bolt to the NFL and make a whole buttload of money. Instead he decided to remain in Columbus and saw himself benched in favor of J.T. Barrett. Now he's making the belated move to the league. He'll still make a buttload of money (relatively speaking), and though he cost himself millions by doing it a year late, he still seems as psyched as anyone to be exiting the amateur ranks.

He made that much clear today by ripping the NCAA on his Twitter feed:

This set of tweets continues the precedent Jones has set for himself when it comes to not being shy about vocalizing all kinds of stuff on social media.

If nothing else, when it comes to athletes getting a bigger piece of the collegiate pie, Jones will always have a far more vocal ally in Jay Bilas.

Plus it's not like the NCAA can really do anything about it anymore now that he's gone.

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