Bryce Harper caused some controversy last month when he criticized the "unwritten rules" of baseball in an interview with ESPN The Magazine“Baseball’s tired,” he told ESPN The Mag’s Tim Keown. “It’s a tired sport, because you can’t express yourself." Harper's comments resulted in former greats, like Goose Gossage, to fire back at the Washington Nationals star outfielder, saying he had no respect for the game

Since then, Harper has remained relatively quiet about the state of baseball. However, after today's 4-3 victory over the Atlanta Braves, the 23-year-old was spotted conducting the postgame interviews near his locker with a cap clearly inspired by Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" hat. 

According to James Wagner of the Washington Post, the cap also had "202" on it, which was probably a reference to the area code of Washington, D.C.

After going 1-for-3 from the plate with a solo home run and a stolen base, Harper is doing all he can to make baseball fun again. OK, rest of the league, help him out! 


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