Brazilian model Suzy Cortez—who was named Miss BumBum Brazil in 2015—is a big Barcelona fan. More specifically, she’s a big Lionel Messi fan. And if you go through her Instagram feed (warning, warning, warning: there are a lot of NSFW photos on it), you’ll recognize this almost immediately, because she’s gotten into the habit of posing in Barcelona and Messi shirts. She’s found plenty of ways to show off her love for Barcelona and Messi on IG—and unless Messi has gone out of his way to avoid them, he’s likely seen one or two of her photos.

It doesn’t sound like he’s going to be seeing any more of them, though, because according to Cortez, Messi’s longtime girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo just blocked Cortez on both her social media accounts and Messi’s social media accounts. During an interview this week, Cortez claimed Antonella is “jealous” of her photos and doesn’t want Messi to see them.

“I was completely shocked when I spotted it,” Cortez said. “If I could, I would tell her not to be worried about me. I’m just a fan. I’m surprised that she isn’t more sure of herself. I guess it can only be because she is jealous. It’s very silly because I’m just a football fan and a huge fan of Barcelona. This is such an overreaction.”

Cortez also revealed how she realized she was blocked from following Messi and Antonella in the first place.

“I only follow about 10 people and he was one of them,” she said. “So when I saw that I was blocked, I thought it could only be jealousy. Why would he block me if he has 40 million followers? Then I checked her profile and confirmed she had also blocked me.”

Antonella probably doesn’t have anything to worry about. She has known Messi for more than 20 years now, has been dating him since 2008, and has two children with him. But we’ll be sure to let you know if Antonella or Messi have any sort of reaction to all of this.

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