When HBO announced that they were bringing Bill Simmons on board last summer, they revealed that they were going to give him his own TV show sometime in 2016. Since then, they haven’t said much about it. But earlier today, Simmons and HBO announced that the show will hit the small screen in June. It will be called Any Given Wednesday, and it sounds like Simmons is already looking forward to the creative freedom the show will provide for him.

“I’m excited about the show, I’m excited about the title, and I’m really, really excited to drop my first F-bomb on TV,” he said in a statement earlier today. “We are going to figure out nudity down the road, as long as it’s tasteful.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, Any Given Wednesday will include pop culture and sports segments and “will also feature intimate conversations with guests, field segments, and Simmons’ signature commentary.” The first season will include 20 episodes, and it will air on Wednesday nights at 10 PM/EST. The first episode is scheduled to air on June 22.

You looking forward to this?

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