At Kobe Bryant’s final game last week, Lamar Odom spoke for the first time since his hospitalization for a drug overdose and revealed that he wants to make an NBA comeback at some point in the near future. It’s unclear if Odom is actually going to take steps to play in the league again, but if he’s serious about playing, Baron Davis says he has an open invitation to play on his Drew League team. Davis spoke with TMZ Sports this week and revealed that he’d love to have Odom on his squad.

“I’m going to reach out to LA to see if he would want to play alongside me on my team since he is wanting to return,” Davis said.

This would be a good idea for Odom for two reasons: One, it would give him the chance to prove that he can, in fact, still play, and two, it would give him an opportunity to learn a thing or two from Davis, who made a comeback of his own in the NBA D-League this year. Stay tuned to see if Odom takes Davis up on his offer.

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