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Going into Saturday's IBF heavyweight title bout, upstart fighter Anthony Joshua was 15-0, but had the odds against him for the fact that he's only fought 15 fights and 32 rounds in the heavyweight class. This match was against the defending champion Charles Martin, who boasted a record of 23-0-1, with 21 wins by K.O. under his belt, plus more experience in this weightclass at 76 rounds fought.

But barely just two rounds into the fight, the British young bruiser showed he was right were he needs to be, and Martin was too slow to keep up with Joshua's lightning quick right-handers. Less than 60 seconds into Round 2, Martin had the taste smacked out of his mouth, which was the second time he was  knocked down. Martin looked bewildered and out of focus long enough for the referee to rule it a knockout win for Joshua. In the clip above, Joshua couldn't help but laugh after landing a vicious final blow in Martin's grill.

Joshua only needed 16 fights to snag a heavyweight title. That's faster than the amount of fights that Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali each needed to obtain the heavyweight crown.

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