In discussing the origin story of how he became a professional musician with multiple platinum singles/albums, Adam Levine relayed a (likely) devastating story from his adolescence about how Baron Davis embarrassed him for 60 points when they were both "13 or 14." As the judge from The Voice remembers it:

“I’ll never forget it because I was a kid, and I was just starting to get into music. We played him, and his team. We really just played him because he scored about 60 points. And, he was warming up for the game and dunking. He was like 5-foot-10 at this point, and he was just dunking … He scored 60 points and I had to guard him the whole time.”

As if getting 60 dropped on you isn't bad enough, Davis upped the humiliation by giving his ill-fated defender advanced knowledge of his attacks:

“He (Baron Davis) would tell me what direction he was going and go there and score.”

In fairness Davis likely did this to other, non-famous, people. But that particular spanking would go on to have a butterfly effect, and end up altering the course of music history:

“I’d like to thank Baron because without Baron I would’ve never had the reality check of, ‘I’ll never be that good (at basketball).'”

So, from the sound of it anyway, Baron Davis is partially responsible for the creation of Maroon 5.

How you feel about that is up to you.

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[via Callaway Live, For the Win]