On Saturday a predatory (and also brilliant) visionary posted a number of bags of "air" from Kobe Bryant's last game for sale on eBay for $1, which was still way overpriced even when you consider that 25 percent of the proceeds would supposedly go to charity:

What initially sounded like the dumbest idea ever to somebody without vision (me and probably you) quickly proved to be an outstanding attempt at quick cash as people (some of whom had solid buyer ratings) got into a bidding war over it:

Eventually the price got up to $15,500, after generating almost 100 bids, before eBay, a site where some teen once paid over $1,000 for Justin Timberlake's uneaten breakfast, decided it was beneath their standards and shut it down:

SMH, it's a sad day when an opportunistic turd can't fleece his fellow man for 16 grand.

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