Trent Richardson, a cautionary tale in drafting running backs with a high pick if there ever was one, is a physical away from getting another chance in the NFL with the Ravens. And if he does get that shot it's imperative that he learn from his experiences (both on and off the field) from his first four years in the league. 

Richardson has made roughly $18 million dollars since going third overall in the 2012 draft. And because of that he's been a target for open palms asking for dough. Richardson said it was "mentally exhausting" to focus on football when so many "friends and family" wanted money. After nearly endless phone calls and texts wore him down the former Browns/Colts running back purchased cars for people, got stuck with the bill for five funerals that ran at least $12,000 a pop, and even dished out cash for Disney World vacations where, according to him, "[P]eople still had the nerve to complain about the trip." 

Richardson says he's gotten rid of those people in his life. Here's hoping they stay out even after he officially inks his contract with Baltimore.


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