Earlier this year, Stephen Jackson provided D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle with some advice. Jackson hates Lakers head coach Byron Scott, so he told both players not to listen to anything that Scott says to them. It was his way of trying to help the young guys along.

Today, he delivered a much different message to Russell. After hearing about the video that Russell took of Nick Young, Jackson agreed to do an interview on ESPN and revealed how he would handle the situation with the rookie if he was in the Lakers’ locker room right now.

“Hey, snitches get stitches,” he said. “Old rule: Snitches get stitches. Especially from your teammate. You don’t expect that from your teammate. See, it’s a new day in basketball I don’t understand. It’s supposed to be a brotherhood. Now, you got D-Fisher sleeping with his teammate’s ex-wife, all kinds of stuff going on that’s not cool in basketball."

Yes, Stephen Jackson really just said “snitches get stitches”…in the middle of an ESPN interview. See for yourself in the clip above. If you're keeping track, this is the second famous Stephen to go off on Russell today.

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