Stephen A. Smith, a man who's used to playing a fictional character on TV, will make a cameo tomorrow on the 53-year-old soap opera General Hospital. Smith will play 'Brick' a surveillance expert for some mobster. I'd go into more detail, but I'm sure you don't care about that.

Smith admitted, for some reason, that he's been a fan of the series for more than 40 years because “I have four older sisters and when we came home from school, all the TVs in the house were on General Hospital. Since I wasn’t allowed outside until I finished my homework, I watched the soap every day.”

He previously made a cameo on an episode back in 2007, but now has a "larger part" after the actor who plays said mobster (Maurice Bernard) was a guest on First Take last year.

We just didn't want you to be surprised if you were flipping through the channels and thought you saw SAS in a dramatic role scripted dramatic role.

You can catch him tomorrow at 3 P.M. 

[via Vimeo, ESPN Front Row]

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