As we told you earlier today, Nate Robinson played in his first game for Hapoel Tel Aviv in Israel earlier this week, and as expected, he dominated the competition. He dropped 25 points and drained a Steph Curry-esque three-pointer during his debut.

After playing in his first game overseas, Robinson did an interview with as Israeli TV station to talk about what his time in Israel has been like so far. And it ended up being pretty hilarious. Midway through the interview, a shirtless guy on a bike pulled up next to him, challenged him to a game of 1-on-1, and then told the former NBA player that he is going to “kick his ass” when they play. Robinson was more than happy to play right along with the guy, too, which made the moment that much funnier.

“That’s an interview!” he yelled as the guy rode away on his bike and then stopped to flex for Robinson. “That’s awesome. That’s the first time ever someone has done that. It’s sick. So cool. The fans are great. How could someone be mad at that?”

Check out the clip above to see the interview. If this TV station knows what they’re doing, they’ve  already arranged to air Robinson’s game of 1-on-1 against this guy.


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[via Uproxx]