When Russell Westbrook finds a seam to attack in the defense in games, he looks like a cheetah attacking its prey in one of those old Discovery Channel jungle animal documentaries.

When the Thunder played the Spurs tonight, Westbrook did just that in the third quarter. On this dunk, he took off in the lane and cocked back the ball like his ultimate goal is to rip the rim off the backboard. Even when you hear the dunk, it sounds like like he tried to emulate a young Shaq or Darryl Dawkins (RIP) in his prime trying to tear down the rim and backboard together.

Of course, Westbrook had to slowly walk off the impact of this rim-rocker with a menacing stare. The Thunder won 111-92, and Westbrook finished with 29 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists. No reports of whether or not Russ' arm is still hurting from that jam.

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