With a dramatic flourish, Peyton Manning's NFL career came to a close in the most fitting of ways: a Super Bowl victory. While he was able to hoist his second Lombardi Trophy serving largely as a bystander both on and off the field, No. 18 enjoyed an unprecedented run of success over the course of his 18 years in the NFL.

Beyond the oft-reported individual records for career passing yards and touchdowns, Manning has been named to more Pro Bowls (14) than any quarterback in NFL history and is tied with Hall of Famer Otto Graham for the most first-team All-Pro selections (seven) ever among quarterbacks. Manning also retires with the most career regular-season victories of any quarterback in history with 186 (although Tom Brady is hot on his heels with 172 and is still going strong in New England).

No matter how you slice it, Manning put together a legendary run. With the exception of 2011—when he missed the entire season due to neck surgery—and 2015, he never missed a start in his NFL career. On the field, Manning was as consistently brilliant as anyone. So really, if you’re weighing his seasons against one another, you're really just measuring the varying degrees of awesome. Keeping that in mind, here is a look back at Peyton Manning's Seasons, Ranked.