Over the years, just about every rapper has name-dropped Michael Jordan at least once. From Jay Z to Drake to Lil Wayne to Biggie to Kendrick Lamar, MJ’s name has popped up in more rap songs than we can possibly count. But it doesn’t sound like MJ himself is much of a rap fan.

N.O.R.E. made an appearance on this week’s Rap Radar podcast and revealed that, back in 1999, MJ almost appeared in the Hype Williams-directed music video for his hit song, “Oh No.” MJ was captured in the crowd at the Roy Jones Jr. fight featured in the video. But according to N.O.R.E., MJ wouldn’t allow his image to be used in it.

“The original video had Michael Jordan in there,” N.O.R.E. said, before explaining why MJ asked for shots of him to be taken out. “Jordan is a hater of hip hop.”

N.O.R.E. then went on to illustrate just how much MJ hates rap by talking about what happened when the NBA superstar showed up at a Def Jam Christmas party one year. According to N.O.R.E., several rappers attempted to speak with MJ, but MJ had absolutely no interest in talking to anyone except Jay Z.

“I seen him shut Redman down at a Def Jam Christmas party,” he said. “We were all sitting there waiting to speak to Michael Jordan. Niggas said, ‘Yo, Redman and Method Man is here.’ [MJ] said, ‘Fuck rap.’ I seen the nigga say that…Quote me. I believe it was Redman and Method Man, and I’m to the side, so I can directly hear his voice. He was like, ‘Fuck rap.’ That shit hurt me. Def Jam Christmas party, Mariah Carey hosting and shit like that. He only spoke to Hov, but he spoke to Hov. That’s without a doubt.”

Damn, MJ. You can hear N.O.R.E. tell the whole story at around the 1:05:00 mark of the Rap Radar podcast here. If you’ve never seen it or just haven't seen it in awhile, you can also check out the “Oh No” video that N.O.R.E. referenced during the podcast below:

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