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So this is absolutely insane.

Barcelona star Neymar was reportedly found guilty of tax evasion by the Federal Revenue court in Brazil this week and ordered to pay back taxes, interest, and other penalties. And while he’s hardly the first professional athlete to get hit with a massive tax bill, Neymar’s debt is unbelievably large. It totals about 188.8 million Brazilian reales, which works out to more than $52 million. In case you didn’t catch that, we said $52 MILLION. According to reports out of Brazil, Neymar allegedly failed to disclose the money he made on contracts with Santos, Barcelona, and Nike.

Fortunately, for him, he’ll have a chance to appeal the court’s ruling. But even if his tax bill gets chopped down substantially, it sounds like he’s still going to owe a ridiculous amount of money. Stay tuned to see if actually ends up being forced to hand over more than $50 million.

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