The Texans raised some eyebrows this afternoon when they agreed to give Brock Osweiler a four-year, $72 million contract, even though he has only started seven games in four seasons in the NFL. Yes, he studied under Peyton Manning, and yes, he showed that he might be able to lead a team to the NFL Playoffs while starting for the Broncos in place of Manning last season. But $72 million?! Granted, it’s not all guaranteed, but that’s still a big figure to attach to Osweiler’s name.

Lots of people tweeted about the deal and called it crazy, but one of those tweets stood out above all the rest. It came from none other than Matt Flynn, who had this to say about Osweiler’s new contract:

If you don’t remember Flynn, he’s the guy who, as of last summer, was making more money per start than Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, and, well, every other NFL quarterback, due to the fact that he cashed in on a few HUGE paydays despite starting just seven games in his career:

Flynn sent out another tweet a short time later that seemed to indicate he was just trolling everyone with his Osweiler tweet:

But still, damn. He’s one to talk.

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