Here's one bad call, and one bad non-call. Maryland senior Jake Layman had himself a fastbreak opportunity in his team's game against Kansas and did what a 6'9" person should do in such a situation. However the refs T'ed him up for hanging on the rim too long. Many on Twitter were annoyed as they (probably correctly) believed Layman to be preserving his spine and head by not crashing down on to the hardwood. Others argued that he was showboating. That doesn't really matter.

What does is that, if you're rooting for the Terrapins, perhaps you should just be thankful it happened at all because this seemed like a pretty obvious time to blow the whistle:

That's not good referee-ing. Not on a national stage. Not in a high school game. Not on your driveway. Maybe you let it slide in a prison yard, but that's it.

Currently Kansas is up 36-34 at halftime.

[via The Cauldron, CBS]

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