Lamar Odom was photographed walking into church on Easter Sunday with Khloe Kardashian, and it seemed like it was a really nice moment for him, especially when you consider everything Odom has gone through over the course of the last six months. But according to TMZ Sports, Odom may have been at a bar drinking just hours before attending church with the Kardashians.

In the photo above—and in a series of other photos that TMZ Sports published early this morning—Odom can be seen standing at the Johnny O’Brien bar in Sherman Oaks, Calif. TMZ Sports is reporting that Odom and two friends arrived at the bar at around midnight on Saturday and stayed for about an hour. Several Johnny O’Brien employees spoke with TMZ Sports and told them that, during that time, Odom ordered three drinks, though it’s unclear if they were for him or his friends. And while he was at the bar, he was clearly wearing the same outfit that he wore the next morning for church.

Odom hasn’t provided any explanation for the photos of him at the bar, but for his sake, let’s hope there’s a good one. He has been doing great in recent months, showing up for everything from Kanye West’s album premiere/fashion show to this random college baseball game, so the last thing anyone wants is for him to experience a setback.

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[via TMZ Sports]

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