After Kobe Bryant retires next month, he doesn’t plan on watching many NBA games. But it’s not because he’ll miss the game of basketball too much to watch it. It’s also not because he plans on being too busy to watch. Rather, it’s because he feels as though NBA games are…too long?

With less than a month remaining in his NBA career, Kobe was asked whether or not he plans on watching games next season when he’s retired after the Lakers​' loss to the Suns last night. And he offered up a curious reason for not wanting to watch.

“It’s difficult for me to actually watch an entire game from start to end because the game is just too long,” he said. “It’s too long. I just can’t. It’s true, though. The game is like five hours.”

Five hours?! Has Kobe ever actually watched an entire NBA game?

We would totally get it if a baseball player said this. MLB games are five hours long (or at least, they feel like it). But an NBA game is, like, what? Two and a half hours, three hours tops? Long, yes, but not too long. Especially when you’re a retired millionaire with nothing else on your plate.

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