Earlier this year, Kimbo Slice took part in one of the worst MMA matches we’ve ever seen. He also failed a drug test before that Bellator 149 fight. So it’s probably safe to say that his MMA career is just about over.

Fortunately, his son Kevin Ferguson, Jr.—a.k.a. “Baby Slice”—is here to pick up the slack. It’s impossible to tell how good he might eventually be, but Baby Slice’s MMA career got off to a solid start recently when he knocked out his opponent Tom Brink during his very first fight in just 83 seconds. The 23-year-old stayed in attack mode throughout the Warrior Nation fight and hit Brink with a right hook that sent him crashing to the mat midway through the first round.

You can watch the fight in the clip above. Impressed?

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[via Bleacher Report]