Recently, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor decided that he was interested in buying a gym in Redmond, Wash. Specifically, he had his sights set on the Redmond Athletic Club, a gym that closed for business earlier this week. So he drove to the gym yesterday and started peeking inside to try and get a better look at it. That is, until two women who were working at the gym at the time called police and told them about what Chancellor was doing.

The Redmond Police Department sent officers to the gym to see what was going on. According to an RPD spokesperson who spoke with the Seattle Times, the women told them they “felt unsettled” because Chancellor and four people who were with him were looking into the windows and “trying to gain entry into the facility.” But upon arriving, the officers spoke with Chancellor and those with him and quickly discovered the real reason they were there. So Chancellor was allowed to leave the scene right away and no police report was filed.

A short time after the incident took place, Chancellor took to Twitter to explain what had happened. And while he started off by referring to it as the “funniest thing,” it’s pretty clear that he didn’t appreciate the way the entire incident unfolded. Here is how it all played out, according to Chancellor:

Chancellor also responded to some fans (and Texans player Duane Brown) who inquired about the incident:

It sounds like Chancellor will be looking for a new gym to buy as a result of what happened:


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[via Seattle Times]