In just three short weeks, the Los Angeles Lakers, the worst team in the Western Conference by 4.5 games, will finally finish up another disappointing regular season. They'll be back in the lottery, where they'll add another young piece as they continue to transition away from the Kobe Bryant era. That's an exciting future to look forward to, but for now Lakers fans will have to endure hilariously bad plays like this.

On a 3-on-1 fast break during Sunday's game against the Washington Wizards, Jordan Clarkson, who has handling the ball, somehow managed to run into his own teammate as he collided with D'Angelo Russell. This incredible mishap allowed the Wizards defense to catch back up, and Clarkson eventually had the ball stripped out of bounds.

Sadly, this entire Lakers season could essentially be summed up by his single Vine.

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[Via The Cauldron]