Jon "Bones" Jones and the police officer who pulled him over for allegedly drag racing had a very heated exchange. It featured Jones calling the cop a "pig" as well as a "f*cking liar." You can watch a video of the exchange, which was obtained by TMZ Sports, above.

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Bad things tend to happen when Jon “Bones” Jones gets behind the wheel of a car.

Back in 2012, Jones was arrested for DUI. Last year, he was arrested after he attempted to flee the scene of an accident. And earlier this year, he almost got into trouble after he got pulled over and tried to use a passport as ID since he didn’t have a valid driver’s license at the time. Now, it sounds like he’s in trouble again.

According to Jones, who appeared on The MMA Hour today, he was pulled over in Albuquerque, N.M. last Thursday night and cited for drag racing. He didn’t provide many other details, except to say that he was not drag racing. But when TMZ Sports reached out to the Albuquerque Police Department, they revealed that Jones had been cited for five separate violations, including drag racing, driving with a modified exhaust, and some kind of “issue” with the license plate on his car.

This latest incident shouldn’t have any effect on Jones’ upcoming UFC 197 fight with Daniel Cormier, but it could have serious legal ramifications for him. Stay tuned.

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