Joe Budden has name-dropped quite a few athletes on his songs in the past. But back in 2011, he raised some eyebrows when he mentioned NFL running back Derrick Ward, then a member of Texans, on his song, "Ordinary Love Shit, Part 3 (Closure)." In the song, which featured Budden detailing his breakup with ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter, he revealed that he discovered Baxter had allegedly been having an affair with Ward during their time together. You can listen to the song here:

A short time after the song came out, Budden did an interview with Hot 97 and was asked about Ward. He responded by saying that he had spoken with Ward about what happened and indicated that everything was cool between them. He even went as far as to call Ward a "stand up guy."

“As men, this is an unwritten rule, you’re never supposed to be mad at the dude who smashes your chick or ex-chick,” Budden said at the time. “He didn’t know anything. He was none the wiser.”

After that, it didn't appear as though the two men had any beef with one another. That changed momentarily when, just a few weeks later, Ward reportedly released a video that featured him and a few of his friends making fun of Budden. But shortly after that video hit the Internet, Budden and Ward crossed paths in Miami and, according to this report, the two spoke briefly before going their separate ways. It looked like everything was fine between them.

From what we know, everything was fine, too. That is, until today. For whatever reason, Budden and Ward exchanged a series of really ugly tweets this afternoon that featured them taking shots at one another. Budden appeared to start things off by referring to Ward as "bum ass Derrick Ward" before Ward responded by mentioning the domestic violence cases that have been brought against Budden in the past. Both men then took turns saying some pretty terrible things about Baxter as they continued to send tweets back and forth at one another. We should warn you that some of the tweets they exchanged are very NSFW, but if you want to read their entire exchange, you can do so below:

It’s unclear what brought all of this on or why Budden and Ward picked today of all days to trade shots on Twitter, especially when you consider that their last encounter was almost five years ago. But this obviously got really ugly really quickly. We’ll keep an eye on the situation, but hopefully these two just go their separate ways and don't make things any worse than they already are.

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