For about 100 years Ohio State and Michigan was the best rivalry in college football. Then Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke came along and promptly ended that. For the past decade (save for one year) Wolverines fans have had to endure a loss at the end of the season from their most hated adversary, but the hiring of Jim Harbaugh means brighter days lie ahead, even if his team got their balls bashed in 42-13 last year.

At least Harbaugh understands rivalries, he demonstrated as much last night with a tweet aimed at OSU's athletic director Gene Smith after Smith mocked UM by saying the Buckeyes would hold their spring practices in Florida too if they were trying to "jump start" their program

Harbaugh responded by invoking a four-year-old memorabilia for tattoos scandal that ended up vacating all of Ohio State's wins from the 2010 season, led to a bowl ban, and got coach Jim Tressel fired:

This, in turn, led to soon-to-be-first-round-pick Ezekiel Elliott yelling scoreboard:

Just more fuel for the fire. Tune back in when they play...more than eight months from now.

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