Peyton Manning turns 40 today. Celebrate that by listening to this story from The Bill Simmons Podcast where NFL insider Jay Glazer talks about how he and The Sheriff almost threw down during the 2007 Pro Bowl. 

It started when Glazer was trying to break former safety (turned color commentator) John Lynch's record for drinking 34 Mai Tais. He didn't. It doesn't matter. The point is he was drunk.

While this was going on Peyton Manning arrived at the same bar and tried to order a Bud Light (his preferred beer to both drink and shill for after winning the Super Bowl). Glazer pretended not to understand what he meant. After a few futile attempts to get his beverage, Manning told Glazer "I said I’ll have a Bud Light, am I stuttering? Get me a Bud Light!" Then Michael Strahan, one of Glazer's best friends, got brought up as Manning asked "Did [Michael] Strahan come crying to you like every day to do a story?’" Glazer thought it was a joke about Strahan's divorce which led to him dropping an 'f' bomb and calling Peyton Manning, who's 6'5" 230 lbs., a "little bitch." When they were about to fight Chuck Liddell got between them.

You can listen to the story below. The relevant part is a few seconds after the 38-minute mark. It's about eight/nine minutes long. Also, just in case your boss has a bug up his/her butt, know that there's NSFW language in it:

[via The Bill Simmons Podcast]

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