In the weeks leading up to the NBA trade deadline, rumors were swirling that Dwight Howard's days with the Houston Rockets were numbered. Less than a week before the Feb. 18 deadline, Howard's now former agent Dan Fegan told ESPN in a statement, "I'm not privy to what the Rockets are doing or not doing with respect to Dwight Howard. What I can say, with 100 percent certainty, is that Dwight has not and has never asked the Rockets for a trade. And neither have I."

Howard backed up Fegan's statement, adding, "Dan's statement is true. I have not asked the Rockets to trade me, nor have I talked about right trades. I want to win. I want this situation to work. I chose this team. And I'm not running because we have been faced with some adversity." Dwight may not have asked for a trade, but there was a deal in place that would've sent the 30-year-old center to the Milwaukee Bucks

During Monday's Bucks/Rockets game, announcer Gus Johnson revealed what Howard told him earlier in the day. 

"I said, 'I feel you're underappreciated.' He said, 'Yeah, probably, but listen, I wanted to come to Milwaukee during the trade deadline. I would've come, but they wanted me to sign an extension.' And I said, 'Well, they couldn't sign you to half a season.' He said, 'You never know. I like Milwaukee.'"

Howard may not have been able to join the Bucks at the trade deadline, but they will clearly be one of the teams on his radar when if he opts out after this season.

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