As we learned yesterday, Kevin Garnett never talked trash when he was younger. But he’s certainly gotten the hang of it since entering the NBA. And at this point, he’s so used to talking trash that he does it even when he’s not actually playing.

Just take a look at the clip below, which features KG calling Eric Gordon a “trash a** n****” during a Timberwolves/Pelicans game on Sunday. Mind you, Gordon is on the court playing at the time, while KG is sitting in the second row watching the game in a suit. But that didn’t stop KG from expressing his opinion, and a fan who was filming him just so happened to capture his trash talk:

OK then, KG. Why don’t you tell Gordon how you really feel about him? Ha.

For the record, Gordon went on to score 31 points in the game, so it doesn’t seem like KG picked the right time to call him “trash” (or the other things!). But Minnesota did end up knocking off New Orleans 112-110 to win the game.

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